Saturday, November 01, 2008


Well this is a tad tedious. I did my words today and then some, so I go to to post them and the website is slow as Christmas, not loading, skipping out, and bottom line not letting me load my words. I'm afraid they are overrun with users. Well I'll keep trying. Just so you know my unofficial word count is at:


Here are my thoughts from my writing time this morning:

So I’m on the first day and it’s weird because the words that have flowed for weeks now seem to have dried up in a way and my arms are tense. My mind is shifting from one focus to another. The election is in a few days and how in the world will I be able to write then? Carrie invited me to an election night party and I’d like to go. I think about other things like the fact that there is Halloween candy strewn across the front hall so that you have to tiptoe your way through it. I’m even thinking about Thanksgiving and turkeys and other garbage like I wonder if there are any holiday tea times available at the Brown. Or emailing Steve about getting Mom and Dad a Wii for Christmas. Sigh, anything but the book. Eric and I even made a pact this morning that we would get up at 5:30am on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday – he would go to the gym and I would get up and write. He says I’m the double winner though because I get the novel done and I get to be married to a hard body. Oh, the sacrifices that I make. Alright back to the book because these words don’t count.

Other distractions – looking up the word buoy, looking up the history of snorkel gear, when did snorkels and masks become available? In the 40’s, what would you find?

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