Thursday, November 06, 2008

Short frantic blog

I should be working on the novel but I have to get rid of a few mind eroding things that are floating on my conscious and distracting me.

You won’t believe what happened on the way to the gym tonight!

REALLY, what happened?

Well, here is the story. It started at the McDonald’s where we were getting our dinner in the drive thru. Our schedule was jam packed and after we got our food we headed back through the parking lot to get to Lincoln Ave. While we were driving through the parking lot Jay dropped his soda. I stopped so he could find it and the car behind me honked. I pulled a little forward so the car could get around me and Jay searched for his soda. We turned on the lights and he finally found the soda. The car behind us honked some more. We reached the exit to Lincoln and we waited for the traffic to clear. A clearly distraught woman pounded on my window. After assuring myself that she didn’t have a weapon of any sort I opened my window so she could share her opinion of my driving. I told her that I felt that she should calm down.

Little did I know that she was a spy and she had secretly stashed very important state secrets in a microchip in her dog’s collar and we were right next to the doggy daycare where her pooch was waiting for her. She had been in a desperate hurry to reach her dog but the few minutes she took to share with me my driving shortcomings were catastrophic because her dog was napped by some evil miscreants who were after the state secrets at exactly that same moment.

Well, we turned onto Lincoln Avenue thinking our night of strange meetings was over but no! We turned left on 3rd avenue just as the light ahead was turning yellow. We slowed, the light turned red and we stopped. Just then a black car came zipping around us and sped into the intersection narrowly missing the oncoming traffic. I looked at the car and realized that it was none other than the evil miscreants with the dog carrying the state secrets. The dog nappers must have been trying to elude the spy in her honking car.

We continued on to gymnastics thinking that perhaps the moon was full and that craziness abounded but when we arrived at gymnastics it seemed all was well.

Except then a car wrecked into a tree near the gym and that same dog that was carrying the state secrets leapt through the broken windshield and raced through the open doors of the gym!

Frantically the dog raced for a hiding place, then sensing a natural born dog lover the dog jumped into the arms of our Ana. With quick thinking Ana protected the dog from the miscreants and the spy by climbing to the top of the gym rope with the dog clinging to her back.

Once the coast was clear, Ana turned the dog over to the FBI, who discovered the state secrets hidden in the collar. Ana was given a reward of $50 and several cheese sticks. The FBI offered to let her keep the dog but alas her brothers are allergic, so the dog was given to President Elect Barack Obama’s daughters and will soon become the First Dog on January 20th.

The preceding is possibly a bit of an exercise in tall tales but the honking crazy woman desperate to get to her dog, the black car zipping around us to run the red light, and the fact that Ana’s brothers are allergic to dogs are all facts humbly submitted for your review…

PS – the moon is not full…

PPS - special thanks to Ana for her help in the formation of this story

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