Thursday, January 04, 2007


Don’t we all love a good mystery?

When I consider faith I consider a mystery. I walk around in my world and I find people who have faith in something, whether it be in God, in their country, in themselves, in vegetarianism, whatever it is, and I might wonder at their faith – where it comes from and what makes it stick. Often as I contemplate these things I look at my own faiths. What are the things in my life that I take on faith? Where do these faiths come from? Is the very essence of every faith I have based in God? What tests would these faiths withstand? How far would I go for these faiths?

I find myself reading a lot of books about the brain just now. Trying to understand what might be different about our Ana. More mysteries being unraveled as I read these books that discuss personality, soul, and the center of each of our existences. What part of the brain pulls which strings? One of the most helpful books, well written and intelligent, was written by a self proclaimed atheist. He’s kinda a fact guy, has faith in his science, which doesn’t keep him from writing very elegant thoughtful prose. He pokes at soul, says it isn’t there. We are no more than the sum of our working parts. Take any part of the brain away and the being is altered, take enough of the brain away and the being ceases.

I guess whether you poke at religious history or you poke at the existence of soul, you find the same thing. Nothing but faith and more mystery. You come away either believing that there is something more there or you don’t, but to prove it? One way or the other, well…

Perhaps one should consider God’s proverbial sense of humor.
He has enough talent to put together a mystery that we humans just won’t be able to solve.
She has enough whimsy to give us unending curiosity that will force us to continuously search for the answer.

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