Monday, January 08, 2007

movie review

Well it’s late in the day for morning writing but I’m feeling like I need to get back into the swing even if the routine isn’t being kept of it being first thing. One thing I want to clear up is that this isn’t morning pages. I’m not hand writing these which is supposed to be essential to morning pages, something organic about pen touching paper and while I can understand that thought, it just isn’t convenient. I’m listening to the soundtrack from Neverland right now and lately (since Sat night to be exact) I’ve been thinking about the new James Bond film – Casino Royale – oh yes, I know, how UN-literary of me to be a James Bond fan and yet I find Bond to be wonderful. It is an odd phenomenon to be sure, with the different actors playing the same character and everyone talking about the “new” Bond when a new one comes round. I read a review that summed up my feelings exactly this morning – Connery was the first Bond – set the standard, Moore was the buffoon Bond, Daily was a good Bond but never felt comfortable in the role, Brosnan was a great Bond but was too comfortable in the role, and now we have this new guy, the blond, irradiated blue eyed Bond and he is quite startling in the role. More than that though, I like where the production has gone. A lot of stunt work – fabulous to watch. They cut a lot of the camp – very nice – they could have cut more but I’ll not complain. Sentimental – the minute he says he loves her you know she will be dead by the end of the film, the question is how. By her own hand was quite a stunning move. Brilliant in the way of plotting, a continuing character has to suffer. These films are a lot like romance novels, there is a formula and the good Bond filmmaker knows just how much to play with that formula. So I enjoyed the film. I’ve forgotten to mention setting – such a prime importance in a Bond film. It satisfied with gritty in Madagascar to resplendent in Venice (I believe it was Venice – I could be wrong – canals, water, green, architecture – some wet European city.) How very American of me not to know… And an Astin Martin which he wins in a poker game. I liked that twist. And when they wrecked it I actually groaned, we had barely gotten in the thing. I came away from it with a smile though and wondered if I shouldn’t go back to writing genre – it’s so much fun.

Oh, one last note. Janet Evanovich has come out with a writing book. I flipped through it the other day and found it was in question and answer format. I started reading it and found my own question and her answer in the book. I had written her an email a few years back. Odd to see my own words in print on the page. A foretaste of publishing perhaps…

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