Monday, August 07, 2006

The Birthday Party - Bear Crazy

Saturday was a day. Eight girls, all around eight years old going to Build a Bear Workshop to celebrate my daughter's birthday. Ana is at that age where all stuffed animals are cool, the more the better, and one you make yourself is the best.

Being a parent is one of those things that exploits parts of your personality that you never even knew you had. Ask anyone, or for that matter, ask me - I'm not a girly girl. My little girl, who isn't so little anymore, is a girly girl.

She likes dresses - I wore one at my wedding.

She likes makeup, especially the kind with the glitter in it - I stopped wearing makeup at age 25.

She likes nail polish (again think glitter) - I go for a pedicure because of the part where they massage my legs. Do I have to pick a color?

Anyway, we started planning this party and parts of my personality I didn't know I had came oozing out of me like some sort of alien slime.

First off, the cake. See picture. Now I like a good artsy craftsy project but this cake was a work of love - and you may notice that it is off the chart for a cuteness rating. Ana, and the 7 girls loved this cake. The olged it and ooh'd and aah'd over it right up until we took the knife to it, when they became bloodthirsty cake fiends. "I want an eye!" "I want a foot! A WHOLE foot." Once consuming the cake (accessorized with requisite chocolate ice cream and gummy bears) was mostly finished the burping contest ensued - This I could appreciate.

But before the cake, there was the trip to the Build a Bear workshop. Now if you haven't seen one of these places, take a trip to your local upscale mall. Inside you will find, in bright primary colors - with yellow quite prominant, a cartoonish type store where you can "make" a high priced stuffed animal. One hour and twenty minutes after entering, 8 girls emerged from the store chanting sonme rhyme about the friend they had made "forever" in their newly stuffed, newly named, newly ribbon bedecked bear (complete with small red heart inserted just before stuffing.)

I did not make a bear. The alien cuteness that invaded my body did not extend that far.

The ribbons - Ana and I had gone to the fabric store a week ago. We picked out 15 different ribbons in marvelous colors and styles so the girls would have ribbons for their bears. I found myself arranging these ribbons on the table three or four times to get them displayed just right.

The visors - I found foam visors on sale at a craft store along with foam flower stickies to decorate with. Pastel everywhere, flowers everywhere, CUTE!

The T-shirt - I ironed a teddy bear applique onto a white shirt, lettered it in permanent marker to say Ana's birthday - all the girls signed the back of the t-shirt to say they were there. One mother remarked, "What a cute idea!"

The girls ooh'd and they ahh'd and I looked around at the room, the agenda, and the cake and wondered - When did I become this maven of cute?

I think I better get my sawsall out and demo something just to get my balance back...

Grace go with you baby,
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