Thursday, August 03, 2006

This is me.

Posted by Picasa This is me. I'm new to this blogging stuff. I've heard of the idea and I'm not sure exactly why I'm doing it but there it is. My daughter took this picture. I'm not saying that she's a genius but she was only 6 at the time and it's my favorite picture of myself.

I've created a profile, I guess it's interesting to think that we define ourselves by our favorite movies, music, and books. You might read the profile and decide that because I like Grosse Pointe Blank that I like shoot em up movies and yet that would be a bad conclusion.

The truth is that I like shoot em up movies that involve high school reunions. Now you might conclude that I don't like high school reunions and that would be a bad conclusion as well. I've gone to my 10th and my 20th high school reunions and felt that both experiences were quite worthwhile. So now you might conclude that I'm obsessed with the glory days, that I'm one of those people who wished that high school went on forever. Mmmm, also a bad conclusion, life really started for me post-high school.

The real honesty comes here. I think the formative years are important. I read a study once that said that your personality was fully formed by age 8. The idea was that all the big decisions about destiny were gone by age 9 (although you might take your whole life to figure them out.) So I think of high school reunions as an opportunity to wade deep into the formative years looking for clues...

Most folks at my 20th reunion said I hadn't changed at all. I wonder if they meant the way I looked or if it was more than that...

Time for dinner.
Tonight I took the short cut and it's Boston Market.
They have the best macaroni and cheese.

Grace go with you baby...

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