Thursday, January 11, 2007

The Door

Today’s exercise it a bit tough. I’m not sure that I get it. It’s about leaving your mental editor behind but the description of how to do it leaves me feeling like I’m in a horror movie. It’s supposed to be me going into the basement of my childhood home and finding an old door and opening it. This just brings to mind images worthy of a Stephen King novel and doesn’t really help me shed my working inhibitions. Well, I’ll try it anyway.

The door knob feels gritty as though it hasn’t been used in a long time nor has it seen a dust rag. I turn the knob and feel a grinding click as the latch releases from the frame. The door itself is heavy, but the hinges swing freely as if they are well maintained and oiled. When I open the door I am looking into the conference room where Paul and Nathan sit. They are both glaring at each other. And I see that I am in the scene where I have been stuck for some time now. I want Nathan to turn the screw. He needs Paul to do his English assignment for him. Paul doesn’t want to waste his own time doing the assignment, he doesn’t want to tutor Nathan at all yet he doesn’t want to imperil his life either.

Gee, I'm still stuck.

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