Monday, December 04, 2006

vehemently opposed

Free writing December 4th, 2006

I read another writing exercise last night when I was cruising the web. The purpose was to write a piece from a viewpoint that you don’t hold. Pick something that you are vehemently opposed to and write the other side. As typical I was having trouble imagining what this was but thought it would help me in writing Nathan. So here goes. I’m going to write this as a piece that is pro-cheating on homework.

It was a stupid requirement. I was a football player. Writing essays on Shakespeare had nothing to do with me. They were of no use to me and never would be. What was I going to learn from this? Nothing that would help me in life. Life was about making money. I was going to make it playing football. They said, well what if you get injured man? What if football doesn’t work out? But you can’t think that way, you can’t play to lose. You gotta give it your all. And this English class is a distraction. I can’t be worried about some essay when I should be focused on the play. I got to give this my all, on hundred percent. So you gotta write it. This is how the big dogs do it. They don’t take care of everything themselves, they have other people who do stuff for ‘em. They got a guy to do the finances, they got a guy to drive, they got a guy to cook. Well, I’m not there yet but this English paper thing. I can’t do it. If I flunk the class I can’t play. Which ain’t right. I gotta play, it’s what I was made to do. This English class won’t help me play. It has nothing to do with my life. Nothing. You, you’re a writer, English makes sense for you. We don’t make you play football.

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