Friday, December 01, 2006

Don’t Stand So Close To Me

Free Writing 12/1/06

The first time NAME heard SPECIFIC SONG TITLE by SPECIFIC ARTIST , NAME was down/up/over at PLACE and we were doing ACTION.

The first time Paul heard Don’t Stand So Close To Me by the Police, he was up with Char at the layout table and they were working on the paper. The words came out of the tinny radio that was propped on a shelf in the corner. Garen was the only teacher in the school who had a radio in the classroom and let them use it. The words of the song, being words, registered. All words registered. His brain turned over the story of the song, Sting, the songwriter, had been a English major. A story teller. He had also been a teacher. The implication of the song was damning. Paul’s hand brushed Char’s as he positioned a story on the page. The scent of rubber cement twitched his nose and his smile went grim, Char would die to be the girl in the song with Garen as the teacher. Sting obviously couldn’t resist the girl in the song, why should he expect Garen to do better?

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