Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year

So here we are in the New Year and I suspect we are all doing that New Year thing.

It’s the oddest holiday and I have a hard time not viewing it with cynicism. In the New Year I’ll work on my spelling. In the New Year I’ll stop eating… ah everything. In the New Year I’ll be more creative. In the New Year I’ll write in my blog everyday, no every week, okay, every month. So there are the resolution sorts of folks, of which I tend to be one of. I don’t take them seriously anymore. Or maybe I do. I just try to be realistic about the resolutions that I make. Like those 10 pounds that came out of… nowhere? Okay, they came out of ice cream, cheese, chocolate and a dusty treadmill. I’m pretty sure I’m stuck with them because my resolution to enjoy life trumps my resolution to look better in a swimsuit.
But I think no matter what, if you are a resolution maker or a resolution cynic you can’t ignore the start of the new year if only because you need to write a new date on your checks. You can’t help looking at the dawn of a New Year and think to yourself that either something has ended or something is beginning. There has to be things that you’d like to close the door on, or things you want to open the door to. What are those things? But there I go, trying to convince you to be a resolution maker.
And really it’s just another day on a calendar that some guys a really long time ago made up. In fact it’s arbitrary. I hear they added a second to 2008. Exactly how does that work? Who made the decision to do that and then who did they check with? Who is the administrator of time anyway? Shouldn’t we have been consulted? Why add it to the end of 2008, why not to the beginning of 2009?
I know, lots of silliness here but it’s the New Year and maybe besides the 10 pounds I’ve decided that silliness is the order of the New Year.

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