Thursday, December 13, 2007

Middle School rant

Now some of you know that i have an entire other blog devoted to middle schools and so why am I writing about it here? Well this is more of a rant and not really much about any specific middle school and it certainly is not a level post.

We looked at the application the other day for Hamilton Middle school IMP program - I don't know what the acronymn stands for, something like - we'll get your kid into college with 10 pounds of homework a night.

The application included these requirements:

An Essay
a two page questionaire
CSAP scores
a math test
a writing test
a teacher recommendation
an interview

This is more than I did for grad school. Now that might call into question my choice in grad school but come on. The kid is 10!

A friend was talking about it last night and the program they are looking at requires two teacher recommendations so apparently it can get worse.

Help us all!

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