Friday, June 22, 2007

The Break Up - movie review

This was an interesting movie and I wondered why anyone would be motivated to watch it. I finally picked it up out of curiousity and a certain respect for Jennifer Anniston's acting. So Eric and I sat down to watch it and it was two people fighting for about and hour. Now as a writer I could appreciate how well this breakup was written. It was well done, well written, well portrayed but it was not enjoyable to watch.

One point I have to make is that as long as I was watching a break up I felt that it should at least be even sided. And it seemed to start out that way a bit. There were points on both sides. But in the end the male character just ended up being an asshole. So even though the female was unrealistically trying to change the man in the story the asshole was so loud you didn't get to notice that she was unreasonable too.

I think Vince Vaugn stole the screen a bit which seems to be his mode of operation. Everything I've seen him in he tends to hog the picture, not always to the benefit of the production. He steals attention which leads to unbalanced story. If you ever get a chance to direct him tell him to turn it down.

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