Friday, February 16, 2007

Suggesting age

Finish the sentences:

I figured Carol was as old as my grandmother because... like Grandma she carried a hankie embroidered with her initials.

We knew it was time for Larry to go into an old folks’ home... the second time we caught him raking in the yard with no pants on.

We knew that Janey was not far from retirement because... she talked about company loyalty like it really meant something.

Although Daphne wouldn’t admit being over thirty she gave it away by... humming along to the 80s mix.

Tom was obviously approaching the big four-oh because... he started putting gel in his thinning hair.

The Harrisons were your unmistakably yuppy baby boomers... They drove the right cars, had the right house, and the matching crinkles next to their eyes.

You could tell that Jamie was using a fake ID because... his eyes strayed away from the bouncer when he presented it. Perhaps he was hoping that nobody would notice that his face wasn’t really cleanly shaven, instead it didn’t need a razor.

It wasn’t clear at first, but Michael couldn’t have been more than six. Although he talked a blue streak... his feet started dancing before he announced, “I gotta go wee!”

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