Thursday, January 18, 2007

getting distracted

Well I woke up all ready to write – stirred from a dream and felt like I was in that lucid state that would do well for writing. But then I glanced at the clock and my mommy mind took over – I had to get things moving. That was 30 minutes ago and so now I’m trying to write but getting that state of mind back will be difficult, if not impossible. I’m thinking more about Sally. That’s a tentative name. But I’ve always liked it. I wanted something unusual but still familiar. Except now I’m listening to a dialogue on school lunch and the drinks associated with. I think this is going to be tough this morning to write about Sally. I’m going to try again later in the day. For now I’ll talk about something that made me happy. I know something was good yesterday, I remember thinking that I needed to remember it – now all I remember is that part and not what I wanted to remember. Ooooh this memory lapse thing is getting pretty frustrating. Well okay, I have something from today. Henry was supposed to get up early because he signed up for an extra tutoring class at school. It was his idea. Anyway he was sound asleep and the aunts were picking him up in a half hour so I went in to wake him up. I rubbed his back to wake him up and he really didn’t stir. I called his name a few times and he was still pretty out of it. I stood for a long time rubbing his back and stroking his hair. It was one of the sweetest moments, he didn’t squirm under my touch, he didn’t pull away and fight the affection. In fact he even moved closer to me and let me hug him for a while as he slowly woke up. It was one of those moments that I don’t think I’ll forget.

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